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Wedding Wednesday—10 MORE DAYS!

Hey y’all!  Here we are at the 10 day countdown!  I’m not going to lie, I’m a little stressed.  My mom is 2 hours away and wants to be copied on all the e-mail correspondence I’m having with vendors.  Then she can’t keep up with it all, so she just keeps asking me the same questions over and over again.  DG told his mom that he’d help with the centerpieces for the rehearsal dinner, and he hasn’t started.  I have a sneaky suspicion that I will somehow end up having to do it.  But I disgress (and also realize these are not really big deals).

Here’s what I’ve accomplished since my last post about what’s left:

*finalized the photography list
*finalized the DJ list
*ordered monogrammed cocktail napkins
*confirm rentals
*confirmed final numbers with caterer and baker
*found a throw garter
*got our marriage license
*frames for the reception
*finalized ceremony script
*met with the wedding coordinator
*finalized DG’s gifts
*wrapped gifts for the bridal party
*ordered programs
*bought gifts for the flower girls and ring bearer


After we got our marriage license!

Here’s what we have left:

*finalize the seating chart
*make escort cards for seating chart
*thank you notes for members of bridal party
*put together final payments
*put together DG’s groomsmen gifts
*beauty appointments (today is my last hair appointment before)
*finish up frames
*find a vase for exit sparklers
*make groomsmen boutonnieres
*find small baskets for wedding favors at the ceremony and reception.
*maybe working on the centerpieces for the rehearsal dinner
*walk down the aisle and say I do!
*jet off to Mexico for a week

I feel like I have so much more than this, but this is also incredibly manageable.  One of the reasons why I loved doing the wedding checklist is that it put into perspective what I had left.

How’s your wedding planning coming?  How many days left?

Wedding Wednesday

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Wedding Wednesday: 1 Month Left!

We have 30 days left y’all.  30 DAYS!  I cannot believe it.  So many people have sent me the sweetest messages about our one month countdown, which makes me happy that as many people are as excited as we are!

Here’s what I have accomplished since last month:

*purchase DG’s tie.
*purchase groomsmen gifts.
*purchase DG’s wedding band.
*get ceremony insurance.
*attend my hair and make-up trial.
*take bridal portraits.
*start working on ceremony program.
*get ideas for out-of-town packages.
*purchase gifts for parents.
*purchase gifts for readers.
*order sparklers.

Things on the list for this month:

*finalize photography list
*finalize song list for DJ
*order monogrammed napkins
*buy rehearsal dinner dress (This is a struggle)
*order thank you notes
*put together out of town baskets
*confirm rentals
*confirm numbers with baker and caterer
*find a throw garter
*order thank you notes
*get our marriage license
*confirm numbers with the florist
*frames for various items at the reception
*finalize ceremony script
*get ring cleaned
*get wedding band sized
*finalize payments
*put together some small items for the ladies room
*meet with the wedding coordinator
*wrap gifts for wedding party
*finalize DG’s gift

Stay tuned to see what I end up remembering later!

Wedding Wednesday

P.S. hop over to my blog to see my bachelorette recap!

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Wedding Wednesday: Groomsmen Gifts

Hey beauties!  Sorry it’s been a little quiet around here, but it’s crunch time for me with the wedding and my professional life.  I’m really excited because last week, I had my bridal portraits taken.  My mom and I really enjoyed seeing the look all come together.  I can’t wait to share after the wedding!  Until then, here’s a sneak peak of my wedding make-up trial featuring my matron of honor, Lindsey, and my mama.

In other news, I’m currently trying to figure out the gifts for the groomsmen.  DG is really busy professionally, so I’m currently trying to think of awesome gifts.  Here are some of my favorites.

Groomsmen gift from bride...awesome and totally my style.

Good idea for Chris' groomsmen, we love our rum and coke!(via)

Great groomsmen gift idea

Groomsmen gifts. Not sure what's on the left but it COULD be a cigar…! And maybe instead of a tie, something personal to each man?(via)

groomsmen gift(via)

What types of groomsmen gifts did you give?  What’s your recommendation?

Stay tuned next week for my latest checklist!

Wedding Wednesday

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